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Water damage restoration and cleanup services for homeowners and business owners in Blytheville Arkansas. Water damage destruction can occur due to many reasons (broken pipes, storms, sewage, toilet overflows, etc) and sometimes we may not be able to anticipate when and where it may occur. Sometimes it requires a quick response since the damages can cause a lot of health concerns and lead to great losses. This is the reason any homeowner should consider hiring a Service Professionals company that has a great experience when it comes to water damage restoration.

Flood Restoration Company Near Me in Blytheville


We provide 24/7 water damage cleanup and restoration services for your home or business. Disasters tend to strike when they’re least expected. Flooding often begins with sparse rains that drastically increase in frequency to create a devastating flood. You’ll never get a timely warning about an upcoming fire outbreak. You could wake up one morning and find your floor flooded with sink water. All these and other emergencies can occur anytime, including weekdays, weekends and holidays and even night time. Unlike other dramatic disasters, however, water-related emergencies often give you enough time to contain the situation. For instance, you can see signs of water seepage in the walls, floor, or dripping pipes before the condition worsens. These early warnings can help you avert possible devastation on your property. But there are times when it’s too late to take any action.

Blytheville Water Extraction and Removal Services

Our company has embraced the use of technology and the use of modern equipment such as vacuum cleaners and powerful pumps which make the process of water extraction more faster. Remember any further delays means more losses or damages to the property and some extent may lead to loss of life.

Arkansas Top Choice For Basement Flooding and Sump Pump Failure Cleanup

Flooding in your basement is often caused by broken sumps can cause a lot of mess and require quick attention to fix such. This why you need to consider to hire service professionals who have proved beyond doubts to handle such cases with a lot of professionalism and very fast. We will fix the whole problem and cleanup basement flooding and even offer free advice on how to avoid such cases in the future.

  • Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Flooded Basement Cleanup
  • Water Extraction and Structural Drying Services
  • Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Family Disaster Recovery
  • Broken Water Heaters, Toilet Overflows, Washing Machine Malfunctions
  • Frozen, Broken and Burst Pipe Emergency Services
  • Disaster Restoration and Recovery Service

We understand such effects and that why we respond very fast to such cases. We remove all the affected items by water before for better water extraction. The best thing about us is that after water extraction we now clean, remove any molds and dry your assets and further sanitize them to ensure your health is not left to chances.


Sewer Backup and Raw Sewage Cleaning and Sanitization in Blytheville

Some scenarios likely storm damage are totally out of our control and when they occur it may be fatal. But worry not again our company has experienced handling storm damage and has the all necessary equipment to save property and life when such an incident may occur. By any chance you may experience storm damage visit our homepage and contact us and our disaster recovery team will respond quickly and without failure.

Professional drying of your property by a certified restoration contractor

Mold poses a health hazard and should be eliminated immediately once detected. It is known to be an allergen and can induce rashes, irritation, coughs, and nasal stiffness when inhaled by the occupants of the property. Our team of professionals can detect and eliminate mold growth in all stages and keep your home or commercial space conducive for humans.

Service professionals are a certified restoration contractor and we are well equipped with equipment used to dry up your property. Furthermore, our company has trustworthy, honest technicians; so you can trust us handling your property regardless of the value of such items. Moreover, our services are outstanding and cost-friendly.

If your property is in need of cleanup of basement flooding, broken sump pumps flooding, storm damage, and sewer backups anywere in Blytheville , call our local office for fast respone!

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AAA, Geico, USAA, State Farm, All State, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Met Life, Chubb, Farmers, Nationwide and more!

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124 W Walnut Street,
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Contact these emergency restoration contractors in Blytheville for water extraction and removal services

Elite Contractors
400 S Lockard St, Blytheville, AR 72315
(870) 592-4167

Certified Restoration Services is proud to be a community partners in Blytheville

Blytheville is home to these top companies Nucor-Yamato Steel Company, Farmers Bank & Trust, and Rotech Healthcare. Bentonville has several schools including Blytheville Primary School, Blytheville High School, and Blytheville Middle School. Blytheville is the county seat and the largest city in Mississippi County, Arkansas, United States. Blytheville is approximately 60 miles (100 km) north of West Memphis. The population was 12,981 at the 2020 census.

About Blytheville, Arkansas

Blytheville is the county seat and the largest city in Mississippi County, Arkansas, United States. Blytheville is approximately 60 miles north of West Memphis. The population was 15,620 at the 2010 census.

Elevation: 78 m
Area: 53.87 km²

Top sites in Blytheville, AR:
Delta Gateway Museum, The National Cold War Center, Historic Greyhound Bus Depot Visitor Center

What is Blytheville AR known for?

Mississippi County has long held its place as the number one cotton-producing county in Arkansas, and Blytheville sits near ten cotton gins. One of the largest cotton gins in North America lies on Blytheville’s western edge. The area is also blanketed with soybean and rice fields.

Is Blytheville AR safe?

The population of Blytheville, Arkansas is approximately 15,500 and according to the 2014 FBI Uniform Crime Report the town has a crime rate of about 88 per one 1000 residents. The odds of of becoming a victim of a crime in Blytheville are one in eleven.

Is Blytheville Arkansas a good place to live?

Blytheville is a decent starter town for those that are low on funds and would like to build themselves. I’ve lived in Blytheville my whole life and I’ve seen the good & bad. I hope for the town of Blytheville to finally bring more employment opportunities for those in town.

Who founded Blytheville Arkansas?

Backtracking, the town of Blytheville was founded by the Reverend H.T. Blythe, a Methodist minister who led a rather tumultuous life. Each of his five wives died, and although he died a widower in 1904, he had fathered nine children.